In my final project, I would like to explore the concept of ‘Personal space’. The original idea behind this was derived from the Corona Virus[1] and how this might impact on how we interact with each other and specifically on our personal space. The idea is personal to me as I struggle with my daily commute on the London Underground[2], fixating on germs and cleanliness, almost to an OCD[3] degree. In researching the topic, I discovered Andrew Hall[4] who coined the term Proxemics – the study of Personal space. From reading, I developed an understanding of how these invisible boundaries that we set are not only impediments to germs and bacteria but also social constructs; I wanted to find out more about these ‘ unseen bubbles’ how large they are, how they might fluctuate according to family, friends, strangers and how they might change in different social situations or cultures or even in the current scenario of a virus outbreak. 


Following the tube through camaras

Mental health- MY OCD

Mental health, MY OCD- Commuting to and from school every day means I have to take the train and the tube during rush hour, for me this can be slightly challenging as I find it hard to deal with germs.


-Train lines, Tube lines

-Dealing with OCD

-My battle against germs

-Upcoming news articles on staying clean and healthy

-OCD stands for: ‘Obsessive- compulsive disorder’

-The idea that hand gel doesn’t clean germs, washing away the bacteria does.

-Rush hour

-People with unknown illness

-Compact space

-Can be challenging for some people

-Will get peoples perspective on this

-The future of public transport

-How we can avoid this


Bacteria on the tube: People don’t understand how much bacteria there is on the tube, and I would like to bring this to the public’s attention and get people thinking about what they touch and where they stand when commuting on a daily basis.

-Create my own bacteria

-Take my samples onto public transport and shoot them

-Make people recognise the importance

-Create a design to protect us beings


‘In total, nine bacteria from the World Health Organization's list of drug-resistant bacteria that pose the biggest threat to human health were found on the Tube. The scientists, who tested handrails, seats and walls, found that London's buses were a much cleaner option, with 37 bacteria recorded.  ‘-From google research

Drawing experiments


What’s too clean? Is this corona virus becoming a PANDEMIC, there is an argument for initiating a state of emergency on public transport on keeping and remodelling the underground to keep it clean and safe, or will we flee and not come up with solving this issue?

-To be safe

-Not to overexaggerate but to acknowledge this issue NOW

-Stations to be cleaned down before entering the public transport

-No seats?

-Certain people allowed on a transpiration system at one time


-Special garment wear


THE WAR ON GERMS- The war on germs- How we have to explore different options within our world to escape and overcome these dangerous infections, ‘it doesn’t matter to you until you have it’. Need to come up with ideas and generate a state of emergency on the importance of killing germs and saving this planet. People don’t understand how serious it is.

Digital biology- how nature is transforming our technology.



-‘whether a family, a gang, a team, a community, a race or a country, if you group people together then the same things tend to happen. Individuals organise themselves, communicate and interact like cells of a larger organism. Somehow the group takes on a life of its own, with its own needs and behaviours. The name, reputation and territory of the group can become more important than the needs and desires of induvial.’


‘The gang was made from the rules: Were superior. We help each other first. We don’t let anyone else in our home. As long as the rules are followed, then unity, group decisions making and territorialism were inevitable. And, although these childish rules may seem extreme, they lie in the heart of human groups. It is unspoken rules such as these, embedded within the cultures and upbringing of people, that have caused devastating wars. But is also rules such as these that enable us to build societies, work together and, through competition, progress our civilisations and technologies.’


‘Certain rules’


@earthlinged- UGENRCY an activist campaigning rights for mainly animal rights but also did a story video on how serious the corona virus is. This video really helped my understanding and knowledge of how serious this virus really is, helping to develop a passion and need of urgency on this upcoming virus in my project: The corona virus. Some things that stood out when watching:

-Could Become a pandemic

-No treatment, so preventions are a top priority


-By the time the video ends 10,000 people will have received this

-Fears that it won’t be possible to stop the virus

-Heath experts are worried


-Killed 10 million people a year by 2050

-World health organisation has issued a state of emergency

-Common diseases are becoming untreatable

-One of the biggest threats to global health

-Doctors are giving out medication when not necessary

-Diseases that are currently tame right now could become deadly due to overuse of over-prescription

-Importance of white blood cells

-The food that we eat is a major problem, corona started from this

-Because WE raise animals in such a horrific way ON US

-Global health crisis


-Continuing to turn a blind eye?

Corona Virus under a microscope:


COVID 19- THE CORONA VIRUS: ‘Common signs of infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. In more severe cases, infection can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and even death. 

Standard recommendations to prevent infection spread include regular hand washing, covering mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, thoroughly cooking meat and eggs. Avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness such as coughing and sneezing.’ -NATIONAL HEALTH ORGANISATION


@earthlinged Video really helped me have a much better understanding of this virus and how it workers. The symptoms are not shown until two weeks after you have received the virus, so its crustal we all stay clean and healthy early on to avoid it. I am exploring this topic as it’s so relevant in the press right now, and very talked about. I questioned myself at the beginning on this project and thought that I could be documenting my own take of this virus that might go down in history as a global crisis.


I think that everyone is a bit on edge at the moment and this topic is very controversial in the press at the moment. Something that saddens my attention when looking into this is all the negative media feedback Chinese people are receiving and the outrages remarks people are making. This is something I am fully aware of and will be aware of this when approaching this topic.

Science Museum/ History Meusuem

Science museum and Natural History museum- South Kensington, I went to these to thinking that they would help correlate some ideas with the body modification, but these where more about our anatomy and so where not that helpful, seeing how the body was made and the evolution is what I gathered as information, but nothing that could really push my project foreword.


-Need to go to Science lab

-Create my own bacteria as first research

-Mould my own objects and organic food


LIFE by Lennart Nilsson

LIFE by Lennart Nilsson- large source of help

This book was mainly imagery based, focusing on imagery and the elaborate use of colours which we carry as human beings. I have found a lot of my imagery source from this book, helping me create ideas on the body and collaborating them all together to create some designs. I took a lot of this imagery to photoshop where I manipulated them and explored with the medium of colour, bringing out all the tonnes and detail which the imagery held. I then drew from this exploring how this could manifest itself into the body and progress these into samples.

‘GOOD GERMS, BAD GERMS’- Health and survival in a bacterial world- Jessica Snyder

Part 1: THE WAR ON GERMS- ‘Germ theory reborn’


‘seeds and germs’

‘person to person transmission of disease’

‘begun quarantining plague victims’

‘viral disease’

‘Half a million’

‘Infectious disease’

‘angary gods and demands’

‘The idea that medical workers might be spreading infections’


PART 3: TOO CLEAN? ‘Innate Immunity’ & ‘Beyond immunity’

PART4: BUGS ON DRUGS: ‘An end to bacterial disease’ & ‘danger ignored’

PART 5: FIGHTING SMARTER NOT HARDER: ‘Beyond Antibiotics: New ways to kill’

PART 7: FIXING THE PAITENT: ‘Into the future’

Digital biology- how nature is transforming our technology.

‘You are mortal danger, born into a hostile world where everything exists kills you’

The space becomes filled with new molecules, long strings of RNA (Ribonucleic acid) encased with protein shells.’

‘Chemical cries of exhaustion’

‘Duplicating themselves’

‘Predators are there waiting for exactly these singles. Huge colourless cells, very different to pink mucus producing cells within which your children are reproducing, begin to cluster around every infected cell. No mercy is shown as the infected cells are destroyed’

‘Battle rages’

‘Colourless killer cells’

‘New chemical cocktail’

‘Swollen and red’

‘The colourless cells and their chemicals saturate the fluid, turning it a green- yellow colour’

Swarms of protein that stick to the spherical shells’

‘Few of us really know anything about our immune system’

‘The work is done by a special team of different cells working together: macrophages, T-cells and B-cells’

‘These cells reproduce’

‘To help create copies’

‘Crumbs of its meal on its outer surface’

Digital biology- how nature is transforming our technology.


-‘it protects you are cures you of almost virus, bacterium, parasite or fungus that you inhale, eat or acquire through injury. We know this, for we have seen the tragic consequences’

-‘when people do not have functioning immune systems.’

-‘with no immune system, even a minor infection would kill suffers, so all possible pathogens had to be kept from entering their bodies.’

-‘If it discovers something suspicious, it takes the potential virus and places it on a ‘digital petri dish’: in controlled conditions, the potential virus exposed to some ‘deoy progemas’’

-‘The difference between the uninfected proframs and the uninfected ones’

Viral patterns


Karen Margolis

 Karen Margolis- A designer I came across when looking at petri dishes, the delicacy she used when creating her interpretations of petri dishes with water colour. The multi mixed use of colour she incorporated within her work. The way the water colour floats around and expands itself through the water. I would like to experiment with water colour, but some more elaborate colours with the material of ink and use actually petri dishes.

HIRO: THE FISH AND FOWL- Hamilton’s London

HIRO: THE FISH AND FOWL- Hamilton’s London

A photography exebhbition begins out colour and light which I thought would relate nicely to my topic primary due to the colour theme and movement in which his images captures. Would like to develop a sense of me veo won’t within my project. This project gave me ideas for development:







Stands out 

Bring colour pallet 




In your face 



HIRO: THE FISH AND FOWL- Hamilton’s London


From Google idea of 'Personal space"


Social media response to personal space;




Definition: personal space


the physical space immediately surrounding someone, into which encroachment can feel threatening or uncomfortable.

"he was invading her personal space"





My thoughts: I think it’s important to be able to have a boundary around you, which although its invisible, you should feel safe and allow who and what you want to enter that space. If you feel harmed of scared, then there is an interference with this. Things you can’t necessarily see like germs, are constantly around you, but we can’t see them and so there is a constant intrusion of this space.

Experimenting on public transport:

EXPERIMENTING WITH THE SPACE AROUND YOU- I decided to acknowledge my argument and idea of the invisible force field by taking to the tube with a hula hoop acknowledging the space around you:

-See the response we will receive

-How this will affect a commute

-Is this an overgeneration

-Will people be upset by this

-The reaction

-How the person feels with this/ I feel with this


-Unrealistic measure

-A concept

@DANNIHARRIS6 designe ri found, who's shape and form links



I was communing to and fourth from university when I got into an interesting conversation with an old lady talking to me about the corona virus, where she told me that she thought it was the government indicating a population mass wipe out to take our population down. Although I don’t believe this, this was an interesting point of view and one I hadn’t heard and thought of before.

Wednesday 25th March- recent updates from COVID19

Up close with COVID19

Going to Harrow science lab-

Harrow science lab- When starting this project, I found it challenging to find a spot where I can go to the science lab and explore the different experiments going on. My brother and his teacher very kindly allowed me into Harrow school to take photos of the science lab as they were working. I said this is for a project and they happily showed me some of their work letting me take photos of the lymphocytes which they were studying.

-first had resources

-Pink colours

-Zoomed in

-Spaced out

-Movement between them




Under the microscope-

COLLECT 2020 show- Somerset house

Collect 2020 show- This was shown to me. by Victoria, unfortunately I was not able to see this but when I saw these photos, this is exactly what I want my project to develop. Creating my own prototype designs of viruses and bringing this into a wider scale onto the body. The whole of the collect 2020 show was colourful and expressive, I felt a certain theme of delicacy and movement when looking at these.

-Stand out


-Hand made





-Small sizes



creating my own ink samples-

Creating my own 'science'-


Creating my own small experiments as the corona virues is getting more serious, I didn’t have any more access to creating my own science experiments so I decided to cheat my way through this a little bit and create them with paint smudging them and painting them in a specific way to give me an ideal print.

-develop samples & swatches

-series of drawing responses

-crucial part of my work and really developed my ideas

creating my own viruses on photoshop-


Up close with the deadly CORONA.

source found from @young_emperors

protection wear-

Protection wear- Protection were the importance of protection from this virus.  I can’t stress enough how important protection wear can be when going into the NHS as a worker. They told us during. volunteering that the workers needed 1000 gowns a day we are only creating 680.

The other staff had to wear black bin liners having the arms on in contact with penitents, this blew me away and motivated me to work harder. Right now, I have been asked to promote this on social media and send. Out a video message to my old school explaining how to. Get involved and the impact it. is making.

Developing shape and form from overall I made-

Adapting to the new world

Adapting to the new world-


Missing friends and family

In order to protect them

Protect this nation

Never experienced something like this

Take the world by shock

Never forget

Recording it during my foundation

Coped with the situation

Huge events and festivals, Olympics CANCELLED

2020 cancelled

People are taking time to recharge, get fit, heathy.

Kindness around the world

People are changing in order to help and heal rather than rage and anger.

Stylish protection wear

When trying to come up with ideas of how to shape and design my looks, I started to flip through a variety of magazines which I baught along time ago, coming across different styles of design this helped my collage and really think of designs and styles. I found myself collaging with these ideas and particular drawn to headwear designs. Protection. wear can be stylish swell as safe!

-Something new



-Stands out 

-Distinct recognition 






-Offcuts from NHS gowns





When looking through magazines and online research I came across a variety of different intuprtations to rally this idea of protection wear, using all sorts of different materials and colours to protect our body's from harmful substances.

-Sheer material 

-Contrasting colours 

-See through 


-NHS gowns fabric

-Warmth for protection 

-Sampling ideas 

-Repetitive designs 

Quick studies on protection wear

I started to develop small ideas from my studies of petri dishes into designs of protection wear, quick offcuts and small swatches to convey this importance in a couture approach.

-Colour-full and and elaborate 

-Effective yet stylish 




Lost- During this foundation before I went to the volunteering service I found myself getting a lost with my project and there was different messages being gathered in the foundation group chat whether we were to continue our project or scrap it. I kept pushing through my project, but I wasn’t as focused on developing my workflow as I was so involved in creating and I got carried away. I did find myself lost and found myself coming to a halt but as soon as I started volunteering, I felt I had a purpose and gathered motivation ad ideas for my looks.









All helped my push my ideas.

Voulentteering practise


 Every single NHS gown which we create is quick and useful, that gown could save a life so I find the more I do the better I feel. Everyone works really hard, we just need more people to commit to the program. I found myself getting carried away and spending too long on these gowns going into lunch break. The idea and thought that the NHS workers have to wake up in the morning and feel unprotected to go risk their life to save somebody else’s, I have so much respect for that, and is why I will be dedicating my two looks to the NHS workers with a supporting team of BLUE.


Myself pattern cutting

NHS staff came into vist

Recent news about protective wear

There has all of a sudden been a sudden urge for personal protective equipment PPE which is now in the press and more people are coming to help us. We sent video messages to my old school which they requested to show to the students that if anyone is in London and would like to help we are looking for volunteers. Currently at this moment in time they haven’t released anything  about the release of the lockdown but its to come.



Video message in order to help for the NS gown making, into schools

Death carts COVID 19


Gown I created at home

Designers help and direction

A lot of artists and designers have helped me motivate myself with inspiration such as @DanHarris6 has been a huge inspiration of how I will shape my project, Iris Van Harpen and her distinct style of pattern cutting, looking at various Instagram feeds with the hashtag 'layering' looking at how people have interpreted that own projects with the importance of the fabric being a distinct style.

Drawing- I have always found drawing a challenging part of my work but during the foundation I found out the importance of drawing and how it can really help develop the progression of my work. I still find drawing challenging from the eye as I seem to always want my work to be perfect. I will carry on practicing this over the Summer so that when I start my degree, I will be use to drawing like this.


-Maintain a rhythm  

-Different Methods

-Importance of drawing from the eye.



Quick study- I started to develop this idea with see-through tights and cotton, overlaying it with material to create a piece of armour hiding the idea of 'protection wear' this didn’t work out as I planned and I didn’t like the direction it was going in so I left it alone and carried on towards my reusable gown.

Developing my 'look one' for my final project: I decided to explore a lot of collage and drawing which you can see in my 'sketchbook folder' and I decided to really narrow my work down to a certain pattern style, which I sampled on my face then I cut out measurements of my brothers legs and arms and created a layered top in the front, with the pattern dropping down the front with see-through trousers to create an over riding look which I then brought a photo shop.


LAYERING- I Found that most of my project leads twords the style and of layering, I did this because I wanted my idea of protection wear to have a layer style to protect any unwanted germs. 







BLUE THEMED- The colour blue developed when I was making the NHS gowns. Everything was blue and the material that we are creating these gowns came from surgery sheets, before the pandemic. I want to maintain this theme through to my final piece.

‘LOOK ONE’, being mainly focused on the petri dishes and movement of disease through the body on a plastic material, controversy in this look as half of the body is exposed but really exaggerating the colour theme and movement of pattern.

‘LOOK TWO’ is scraps taken from the NHS gowns which where going to be thrown away, I then sewed these together by plating them and created a look of protection wear as a reusable couture gown.

Scraps from gowns



At the beginning of this topic I immediately said that I wanted my work to have a colourful approach in which stood out from the crowd. Photo shop has really helped me achieve this, but also the use of different materials which I’ve never used before such as paint and stitch, which I’m excited to be learning different prospects of materials and really seeing how I can expand my knowledge.

-Importance of colour theme







Sewing skills

Sewing-  during the NHS gown making I’ve been put on the sewing machine, where to begin with I was nervous as I did not want to mess up, I wanted to make them right. I then realised how easy it was and how it was just a simple stitch. This has allowed me as a designer to really push my sewing skills and really create as many garments as I can. I felt although I didn’t have an obligation to make these gowns, I found myself putting myself under pressure as I really wanted to create as many gowns as I could as it was really only up to myself o how many I could produce. I can see that my sewing skills have already improved and after this foundation finishes I will still be recording this process.



-Straight forward sewing

-Recording history

Overall personal response to this project

Overall, I’m really happy with how this project went, although I felt I could’ve done more if the foundation had carried on but due to the pandemic it was upsetting for everyone. We all had to adapt to our situations at home that had limited resource of material but found the use of photoshop extremely helpful. I felt I pushed myself as an artist to find a style and a pattern I really liked which I feel like I’m starting to develop now. I’m starting to bring my work to social media in a more confident way which I’m looking forward to. This foundation has taught me a lot about myself as an artist and as a person, I know I need to be more confident with my work and push myself to the best I can do in order to receive the best possible outcome.

For my final project I started off with a complete unknowledbe to the measures which covid 19 would take on the world. Originally, I wanted to record this and see how people reacted, but I realise pretty quickly that this was quite serious and resulted in limiting our foundation throughout the last few weeks. I found it challenging not being in university and receiving people’s feedback’s and work. I really explored myself as an artist during this time finding and identifying my weakness and strengths. I’m starting to feel more comfortable publishing my work to the public, getting more confident.

From 'The Spruce' article, rules and regulations

Keeping to yourself

WIRED article- Germs on tube lines

Pavement detail

Further progression of collaboration

Mood-bored collaoration


HIRO: THE FISH AND FOWL- Hamilton’s London

Workshop I did on drawing



Again this project helped me develop a understanding and better perspective on color pallet. The freedom and transparency this project projects was unusual and stood out. The multiple free and expressive ways HUANCA defines and hides certain detailed textures and drawings within her work was existing and loud.




Importance of colour pallet 

Different mediums of material 



Brush strokes/ different mediums of paint applying 

In your face


Key words

Key words:










MONCLER COLLECTION- I came across this collection when looking into the theme of layering and styling,the idea of protection wear. I think moncler have really explored this idea of warmth and protection in this collection. Padding draped over a long puffer jacket and extra accessories attached, made it not only stylish but safe. I wanted explored this idea and look at how this could correlate with my work.

-Thick overlayers

-Over the top


-Protection wear, possibly leading to science wear in the lab

-Large oversized garments, keeping the germs out

-A head piece?


-Samples layered together






-Overexaggerates the idea of personal space

-A physical bubble around you

-‘personal space’

-Use of different colours

-bright and bold

-Not ready to wear but rather to create a point




From 'The Spruce' article

Personal space questionair:

Personal space questionnaire- I took this idea of personal space to INSTERGRAM, where my feedback was multimedia based, some people interpreted my question of ‘what are your thought on personal space’ as a mindful distant people want to acknowledge, and having time for themselves in order to heal. To be able to keep a constant stamina of communication with people around you. Other people perceived this as a way of keeping your physical distant from someone, being to close can upset a lot of people and change their perspective on an induvial or rather people said that it effected their thought pattern and bothered them.



-People associated this with mental state rather than physical state

-Everyone has their own idea of personal space

-Should there be a law

-Will this virus make this a law?

-Self-reflection and recharge

-More control

-Other people’s mess

-Can’t get anything done when to cramped

-To OWN the space around you

Design mood bored


@Danniharris6 work

@danniharris6 work

@danniharris6 work-

I have been obsessed with Dan Harrison ‘s work because of the elaborate tones and shapes he uses in every single one of his designs. They are simple and unique yet stands out immediately and has a sophisticated appearance to them. His colour schemes which he uses occasionally clash but they clash in a way that works. His use of colour technique I would like to develop and incorporate into my idea of the movement in diseases.

-Shape and space.







Since I last went into archway building for my foundation course of 2020 this virus has escalated further than I could’ve imagined when I started. I’m very saddened to say goodbye to the foundation in this way but I’ve stayed in contact with the teachers and pupils over Moodle and over social media updating my work.

Covid 19 has taken its toll on thousands of people, more than I could’ve imagined. I’m happy with my theme for my project as I think it’s really important to record history and hopefully people in the future can look at this work and have insight to this national disaster. Since I last updated workflow a lot of things have happened such as Boris Johnson contracting COVID 19, Street supermarkets the whole of London is a ghost town, everyone stays distance apart and the whole world has quite frankly stopped moving and changed. 

-National emergency

-Whole world has stopped

-Chain Reaction

-Spreading through the body



-Quick- RAPID




Going to a science lab-

Creating my own mold-

I wanted to do my own experiments so created my own mould experiments, these are not the theme I was looking for and didn't help as much towards the vibrant colour I would have hoped, I still used these as research and helped in the idea of bacteria forming and spreading around a system.

Under the microscope-

creating my own colourfull samples-ating my own ink samples-

The Osborne complete book of the microscope-

The osborne complete book of the microscope-

The Osborne complete book of microscopes- I ordered this again because I didn’t have access to a Library and decided to cut headlines. Of ‘THE WAR AGAINST GERMS’ and cut outs outs in order to help college my work.  I found this book was colourful, elaborate and perfect for my project mimicking the shapes and colours into my own interpretation ad style.









London on lockdown- During lockdown started and before coronavirus even took its toll I started to record how the tube used to take its travellers during rush-hour which I recorded an overcrowded scenery that looks unnatural now. Looking back at it as it was so packed, and everyone was so close together that this virus got out of hand. I started to record myself filming how rapid everything was happening, and how it was making me feel during this time, which I have uploaded these all onto YouTube.

Hazmat suit- PROTECTION

Measures being taken

Queens speech

The Queen addressed the nation On a Sunday night on April the 6th 2020, were se began to comfort the nation and support the nation, tis moment the whole world was watching tis video and tough it would be important to document. Parts of my family were rough to tears wit er kind warming words.

'We will meet again'

'We will succeed and better days will come'

'every our of work brings us closer to normal times'

'while we ave faced callings before tis one is different'

'Tis time we will join wit all nations across the globe in a common endeavour, using the great advances of science and our instinctive compassion to heal'

Queens announcement

Creating my own small quick protection wear



-Colour scheme 

-Link wit book 

-Effective yet fashionable 

-Colour beads wit petri dis experiments 

-Small studies for looking at how I can translate tis into final products 

Gloves, ow to create my own~? Long sleeves 

-spasific colour scheme 


-Uplifting during dark times 


Red mask

RED MASK- I wanted to explore the idea of layering. And platting, so I did a quick experiment based on the colour them in my book of red on how I could create this into a mask, sadly I didn’t not like how it turned out so scraped the idea.

-Red tone to strong

-Not cut right

-Fits awkwardly


Collaging- Throughout the foundation we are practising collages and drawing, I didn’t really find this useful to begin with but during this project, I keep finding myself exploring collaging. Helping me direct my work into swatches or samples. Observational drawing is crucial I found, as this helped me develop patterns and materials in order to create my final piece.

-Help identify a pattern, style and theme

-direct you


-Swatches ad samples

-Story telling



Quick study on the idea of sheild


Sewing skills during Voulenteering

Pattern cutting station


Pattern Cutting station

Creating my own REUSABLE GOWN

Creating my own reusable gown, working at the NHS all of these gowns are not reusable and I was picking up a lot of the scraps and creating my own garments from them. I think we should be spending more time creating gowns which are reusable and washable. Where these gowns get thrown away after a day, I decided to go home and replicate the exact same measurements onto my own fabric which I had. I created this one differently trying to style it in my own way, with a hood making it longer and making the hands fit as if they were gloves.


Reusable Overall gown for the NHS














Sampling on myself

Close ups on myself

Me working on trousers and top look

original see through work

Shoot location- home

I didn't have the access to a shoot space, so made do with a white sheet attached to the cupboard in the attic, adapting to my surroundings. I Ten set up my old camera light and tried to soot these as best as I could on my phone.

-I would like to edit out the backdrop to a more appropriate theme regarding this project 

-Explore photoshop and see ow it works wit my piece 

-Soot LOOK ONE AND TWO in the same enviorment 

Garment creation


When creating these gowns for the NHS, I asked the Trust what they where doing with their offcuts and they told me that is was being throw away, I straight away I asked them if I could take their scraps ad use them for my project and they happily agreed. 

-Offcuts into garment. 


-Martial which NHS workers are wearing everyday 

-Making mine into a reusable garment


I started to explore this texture and idea of overlapping and layering and decided to layer my material together as shown.I found  this challenging on the sewing machine when putting it together so had to use super glue in some parts to help shape the fabric. The two sides are opposing colours and create a really nice repetitive over-layer pattern.

Adding the blue mask

BLUE FACE MASK-When creating my final piece I originally only had the idea of long sleeves and a body piece,  looking back at my project in the end, I realised I had spare material and a lot of my work revolves around protecting the face, I decided to bring this into a ‘mask’, as well as I really wanted it to stand out and not just be original but different head gear.


-Face protection

-Shoot some with/without

Behind the shoot

Touch- Keeping to yourself

Touch and keeping to yourself- This is an important factor when commuting on public transport as people don’t know how much germs are actually on these transportation systems. An article from :


-Do we need another alternative?

-To keep young people safe for their own immune systems health

-Going to the Tate finding these pieces of crowded areas and public transport with daily commenters by the artist David Goldblatt printed onto gelatine silver print on paper.

WIRED article- Germs on tube lines

Pavement detail-

Pavement detail- walking around London seeing the pavements being shaved by the constant activity on it, was an interesting expressive medium of different colours and mould it created over time. I liked this as I was thinking of ways, I could make this into more of a statement and acknowledging it more as germs and bacteria through the use of colour.


-Ink use

-Colour spreading


-Colour pallet

-The danger zone, walk around

diseases spread

Drawing experiments

Natural history museum- Biology section

Mood bored collaboration

Mood bored collection- Today we had a group where we looked at all of our imagery with one eye, interpreting all of our ideas as one. Seeing how we could help generate ideas for one another though this collaboration of designs.

-Helped me think about the body

-Seeing germs and traces of identity through a UV light

-Importance of colour

-To expand materials and research to different medias.

Tables which reminded me of petri dishes dishes



I decided to look at this show vaciar of the UV lights which the artist used, bribing out elements of people which we don’t usually see and vibrant colours captured within his photography. 



- detective 

- Capturing things you wouldn’t usually see 

- Peoples emotions through a camera 

- The brightness about this project 

- - exciting 

- Collaborative 

HIRO: THE FISH AND FOWL- Hamilton’s London


-Free and expressive 

-Drawing from the eye 

-Different use of materials

-My own interpretation no body else's 

-Free hand. 

Social media response to personal space;

Inspiration insta story

@danniharris6 work

Updates on Corona

False Accusations- Media manipulation


A market on the line- As this coronavirus is getting more intense, I was thinking that they could potentially be a market for protection wear for masks. I’m thinking about developing a series of print designs and personalising them to whoever wants to own a mask to protect themselves from this virus. I’m thinking about creating a small business after I finish this foundation.

Experiments I did on mold

Under the microscope-

COLLECT 2020 @Somerset house show

The Osborne complete book of this microscope book-

The Osborne complete book of the microscope-


Mood bored progression- friends documentation

Mood bored progression- friends documentation

Celebrities promoting protection wear-

High end stores selling protection wear-

ISOLATION- world coming together

Interpretations of face masks

Practising creating masks

Drawings I threw away

GETTING LOST- I got lost at one stage during this project and decided to look and explore the content of my drawings and bring them to the face with the idea of spreading germs. I used bright coloured beads in collaboration together to create an opposing colourful theme on a mask I created from scratch

Volunteering with peers

Asked to promote this

Quick studies not looking


Layering exploration

Iris van Hrpen collection wear

Face to face

FACE PAINT- wanting to see this on human skin and how this would work as a colour pallet.

-I liked this idea and the way I designed it ion my book and painted on my face, so took this to my LOOK ONE design.

-Bold assertive colours of blue 

Painting onto fabric


Developing my look to for my final project this was used from scraps of the NHS where I stitched all the fabric in a certain style and started to drape this onto the body to see how it would look. I really liked this idea and brought this to my mannequin shaping this in a specific way with the arms intertwined on the body. The most vulnerable parts of skin towards this virus. The colour is a really important theme within my project as BLUE is always maintaining support of the NHS. I sew my design together creating a whole garment on the body and again I brought this to photo shop.LOOK 

Sewing offcuts

I started to see how these offcuts would look one the body draped and styled, I liked the long pieces more as had an idea of where I could go with them.

close up on work


Photoshop has been such a key element in my work and I found myself being carried away creating different kind of things. Central Saint Martins has kindly given us photoshop for two months free, which after this I think I’ll be investing into photoshop on my computer as I haven’t stopped using it.  The app has helped me carry my final projects to the end making them stand out from my earlier work. It has allowed me to explore different colours and different interpretations of my piece which I didn’t see before. I’ve been able to explore sizes and colour charts which brought my images to life.

-Colour theme

-Size and Scale importance

-Skills o photoshop

-Colour theme

-Useful technology

-Vibrancy, and colour contrast came into play.

Arm sleeve

I had to measure my arm sleeves over my leg and sew from there as it was impossible to do this on the machine, I wanted my arms to be extra long for protection.

Relating this back to the tube lines

I would like to go back to the idea of were my project started and seeing ow my projects has moved away from this. There is still a distinct colour relation of blue and the idea of layering and crowded space has come into play with this look, I would have liked to bring my work to the tube and see how it would have looked in a public transport service, surrounded by people, encountering their reaction.